Aortic Mechanical Heart Valve

Regent™ Aortic

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The Regent™ aortic mechanical valve offers surgeon-friendly implantability, featuring a low valve implant height that helps ensure coronary ostia clearance. Two distinct cuff types—FlexCuff™ or Standard Cuff—provide you with different options. The Regent™ valve features exceptional hemodynamics in small aortic root patients.1*

Because prosthesis-patient mismatch (PPM) can be problematic in the aortic position, Abbott designed the Regent™ valve specifically to avoid this issue. The orifice-to-annulus ratio of the Regent™ valve ensures large effective orifice areas (EOAs) and reduces PPM.2

The Regent™ valve shows low thromboembolism, thrombosis, and bleeding over a wide international normalized ratio (INR) range, making this valve an excellent choice.3-6

*Measured one year post-surgery.

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Regent Aortic

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Regent™ Aortic Mechanical Heart Valve
Catalog NumberTissue Annulus Diameter (mm)Geometric Orifice Area (cm²)Implant Height Open (mm)Overall Height Open (mm)Cuff Outer Diameter (mm)
Standard Cuff
19 AGN-751192.46.111.624.7
21 AGN-751212.97.313.026.7
23 AGN-751233.58.014.328.7
25 AGN-751254.08.214.630.7
27 AGN-751274.79.115.432.7
29 AGN-751295.49.516.534.7
19 AGFN-756192.46.111.627.0
21 AGFN-756212.97.313.029.0
23 AGFN-756233.58.014.331.0
25 AGFN-756254.08.214.633.0
27 AGFN-756274.79.115.435.0
29 AGFN-756295.49.516.537.0



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