Armada™ 18 Balloon Dilatation Catheter

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Armada 18

Covering your SFA & BTK needs

Precision and effective applications for above and below the knee.

Extended lengths and sizes

  • 5.5 mm diameter and long lengths enable accurate dilatation of lesions in the SFA
  • Allows precise vessel preparation when implanting a 5.0 mm diameter Supera™ Stent
  • Catheter lengths of 90 cm and 150 cm
  • 4F or 5F compatibility

Outstanding performance

  • Coaxial, over-the-wire design results in excellent pushability, trackability and crossability
  • One-piece catheter construction with large contrast lumen for low deflation time
  • Hydrophobic coating on the balloon and catheter shaft
Armada 18

Streamlined tip is designed to enter and cross difficult lesions

BTK Tip Entry (1 mm from tip)

BTK Tip Entry

SFA Tip Entry (1 mm from tip)

SFA Tip Entry

One-piece catheter construction results in a large contrast lumen for low deflation time

Deflation Time

Deflation Time
Armada 18

Radial Compliance

Radial Compliance Table

Size Matrix and Specifications

Size Matrix and Specifications

Data on file at Abbott.

 Armada 18

MAT-2116356 v1.0