QUANTIEN™ Integrated Measurement System



QUANTIEN™ System's Flexibility in the Cath Lab

The QUANTIEN™ system’s features offer users a variety of options.

Fast and Easy Wireless Physiology at Stress or Rest —physiology is always available when and where physicians want it, without time-consuming setup or cables. With software version 1.12.1, you can measure Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) or Resting Full-Cycle Ratio (RFR), Abbott's resting index.

Easy Placement—whether it’s on a desktop, on a wall, at the bedside or on a mobile pole.

Full Visibility—no matter where the QUANTIEN™ System main unit is placed, physicians can view its video screen on the existing cath lab monitors adjacent to the angio and hemo screens.

Touch Display—allows touch access to all features, with a touch screen technology and a high-resolution widescreen.

Full Connectivity—provides quick and easy procedures and full case documentation with DICOM, Worklist, DICOM Archive, local network and USB memory stick data export.

Quantien System

Source: QUANTIEN Measurement System IFU.

MAT-2115057 v1.0