Assurity MRI

Single-chamber and Dual-chamber Pacemaker


How It Works


The Assurity MRI™ pacemaker offers premium technology designed to reduce complications and provide greater comfort for patients.

Daily Remote Monitoring and Follow-Up

InvisiLink™ wireless telemetry, in conjunction with the Merlin@home™ transmitter and™ Patient Care Network (PCN) allows for daily remote monitoring and follow up. Patient Care Network on display with the Merlin@home transmitter for remote monitoring.

Autocapture™ Pacing System

  • Offers the maximum in threshold adaptability and patient safety with ventricular Beat-by-Beat™ capture confirmation1
  • Automatically delivers a 5.0V backup safety pulse when noncapture is detected, and may be programmed to either a bipolar or unipolar configuration

Real-Time Electrogram Waveform

Real-time electrogram (EGM) waveform, as well as the associated event markers that precede and follow a specific triggering event, can be programmed to automatically record up to 14 minutes of stored EGMs when encountering one or more programmable trigger options.

Specific Features for Dual- and Single-Chamber Models


State-of-the-Art Features

  • Complete automaticity (atrial and ventricular)
  • Ventricular Intrinsic Preference (VIP™) technology — reduces right ventricular (RV) pacing and heart-failure hospitalization;provides ventricular support on a beat-by-beat basis to optimize patient safety and support intrinsic heart rhythm2
  • AF Suppression™ algorithm and SenseAbility™ technology — designed to deliver optimal therapy for patients at implant and throughout their lives

Programmable AT/AF Alerts

The only pacemaker with programmable AT/AF alerts specifically indicated for detecting atrial tachyarrhythmias (ATs), which have been found to be associated with an increased risk of stroke in elderly, hypertensive, pacemaker patients without prior history of atrial fibrillation (AF).3


  • Outstanding longevity provides 9.4 years of service life* supported by an 8-year warranty**
  • 6-month elective replacement indicator-end of life (ERI-EOL) interval
Assurity MRI dual-chamber pacemaker
Assurity MRI Dual-chamber Pacemaker


State-of-the-Art Features

  • Automaticity
  • Ventricular AutoCapture™ pacing system for ventricular implants
  • SenseAbility™ technology 


  • Outstanding longevity provides 13.9 years of service life*** supported by a 10-year warranty**
  • 6-month ERI-EOL interval
Assurity MRI single-chamber pacemaker
Assurity MRI Single-chamber Pacemaker
Manuals & Resources

Manuals & Resources

Customer Service

Customer Service

This device is commercially available for use in select international markets.


*A,V = 2,5 V @ 0,4 ms; 500 ohms; 100% DDD pacing @ 60 bpm; AutoCapture™ pacing system OFF; SEGMs ON. 
**Terms and conditions apply; refer to the warranty for details.
***A,V = 2,5 V @ 0,4 ms; 500 ohms; 100% VVI pacing @ 60 bpm; AutoCapture™ pacing system OFF; SEGMs ON.

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