Fortify Assura

Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator


Elevating the Standard of Care

The Fortify Assura™ ICD allows full-body, 1.5T MRI scans that meet certain scan conditions when combined with specific lead and lead lengths that are MR Conditional.*

  • Meets industry-standard MRI testing requirements
  • Capable of full body 1.5T MRI imaging scans

The Fortify Assura ICD offers a unique, narrow shape, combining a powerful delivered output with a very small footprint. Our ICDs elevate the standard of patient care through new algorithms and technology intended to improve patient safety and therapy assurance.

  • Automatic vector switching algorithm
  • Algorithms for protection against inappropriate and unnecessary shocks
  • Compact size and shape for small incision
  • 35 cc size
  • Powerful, 40 J delivered energy

Patient Safety and Comfort Enhancements

We are concerned with improving your patients’ safety and comfort and have implemented several technologies to meet their needs.

  • ShockGuard™ technology helps protect against inappropriate shocks. Reducing shocks correlates with increased quality of life.1
  • DynamicTx™ over-current detection algorithm provides the opportunity for devices to deliver a shock and possibly terminate a ventricular tachycardia (VT) or ventricular fibrillation (VF) episode.
  • TailoredTherapy™ features allow you to individually adjust programming to meet the unique needs of each patient and deliver precise therapy every time.


Building Comprehensive Cardiac Arrhythmia Management

The Fortify Assura ICD is part of our cardiac arrhythmia management portfolio. Our vision is to transform the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias by designing cost-saving technologies that improve therapy outcomes.

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*See MRI Ready Systems Manual for device and lead combinations and associated MRI scan parameters.


  1. Sears, S. F., & Conti, J. B. (2002). Quality of life and psychological functioning of ICD patients. Heart, 87(5), 488-493.

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