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From the first Bluetooth® remote monitoring technology to our latest app-based features, Abbott has a long history of creating reliable ways to monitor patients outside of the clinic. That commitment has never been as important is it is today: patients increasingly want and need more flexibility to stay connected to your care without an office visit.

We offer products and solutions to help you easily engage in a patient’s health care journey to influence their behavior, encourage compliance and streamline patient management. Abbott is redefining connectivity and remote care with powerfully connected smartphone integration to propel continuous, reliable patient engagement.

myMerlin Mobile App

The myMerlin mobile app accompanies Abbott’s Bluetooth®-enabled insertable cardiac monitors (ICM). The app is compatible with your patient’s iPhone or Android smartphone.* When paired with an ICM, the myMerlin mobile app makes monitoring your patient’s heart easy, effective and discreet.

Cell phone displaying the myMerlin mobile app setup screen

myMerlinPulse Mobile App

The myMerlinPulse™ mobile app accompanies the latest Bluetooth®-enabled ICD and CRT-D from Abbott -- Gallant™, Entrant™, and Neutrino NxT™. The app is compatible with your patient’s iPhone‡ or Android‡ smartphone.* When paired with your patient’s implanted Gallant, Entrant, or Neutrino NxT devices, the app empowers you and your patient with a mobile solution that encourages continuous, reliable engagement with remote monitoring. Patient Care Network (PCN)

The™ Patient Care Network (PCN) is a web application used to remotely monitor and manage patients who have Abbott cardiac rhythm management (CRM) devices. The system allows you and other clinicians to monitor your patients’ cardiac conditions, track their devices’ performance and manage their transmission schedules.

Merlin@home Transmitter

The Merlin@home™ transmitter allows your patient to have their device checked from the comfort of their own home, reducing the number of scheduled clinic visits. The transmitter is also able to monitor your patient’s device daily between scheduled follow-ups and can alert your clinic if it detects anything you might need to be aware of.

Merlin@home Transmitter

MerlinOnDemand Capability Transmitter

Transmitters with MerlinOnDemand™ capability can promptly interrogate your patient’s implanted cardiac device in the hospital setting and deliver printed reports without the physical presence of an Abbott representative. The MerlinOnDemand capability represents a solution to maintaining your department’s efficiency and high level of patient care.

MerlinOnDemand Capability Transmitter

Expand Your Vision For All That Remote Monitoring Can Achieve For Your Patients and Your Practice

Increase Your Patient Reach, Improve Patient Peace of Mind

Together, we help achieve the clinical outcomes you desire and patients deserve.

of patients were compliant using Abbott’s app-based remote monitoring.1


Encourage Compliance with an Elevated App‑Based Experience

Mobile apps are proven to encourage patient engagement.1 The Abbott mobile apps work on a patient’s own mobile phone.*

Remote Monitoring Mobile App



Apps are easy to download and get up and running on iOS or Android‡ operating systems.

Remote Monitoring Mobile App Download

Enjoy Flexibility and Increased Efficiency with Remote Check-Ins

Remote Monitoring Your Practice Benefits
  • Remote monitoring enables you to manage patient devices more efficiently through regular transmissions.
  • Continuous monitoring facilitates timely clinical follow-up without the need for in-person visits.
  • Ongoing advances in PCN further streamline analysis and patient management
Remote Monitoring Your Patient's Benefits
  • Patients have the peace of mind their mobile phones* are keeping them connected to you automatically, without manual interaction on their part.
  • Remote check-ins free patients from having to travel for routine office visits.

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Indicates a third-party trademark, which is property of its respective owner.
*Abbott will provide a mobile transmitter if the patient doesn’t have a compatible mobile phone.
Bluetooth and the Bluetooth logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

  1. Yokokawa M, Ip R, Azad R, et al. Accuracy of arrhythmia detection using implantable cardiac monitor: a comparison between RevealLINQ™ and Confirm Rx™. HRS Poster; May 2019; Sparrow Clinical Research Institute, Michigan State University, Lansing, MI.


Brief Summary: Prior to using these devices, please review the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, potential adverse events and directions for use.

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