Agilis HisPro

Steerable Catheter with Electrodes


Technology You Can Count on to Locate Exact Cardiac Anatomy with Ease

By design, the Agilis HisPro™ steerable catheter with electrodes incorporates technology you can count on to target the His bundle.


Specifications and Key Features

  • OD: 10.5 F, ID: 7.0 F
  • Use with a minimum 10.5 F introducer
  • Catheter designed for delivery of a 6F lead
  • Working length of the catheter is 38 cm
  • Requires at least a 58 cm lead length
  1. Integrated bipolar tip electrodes
  2. Dual deflection and curve
  3. 180° deflection control knob
  4. Integrated slittable hub and channel
Agilis HisPro steerable catheter with deflection features numbered and highlighted.

Integrated Distal Tip Electrodes


Currently, no other lead delivery catheter has the ability to sense cardiac signals of the His bundle or pace tissue to allow for more accurate targeting and a simplified workflow. The narrowly spaced bipolar electrodes at the tip of the Agilis HisPro catheter deliver high-quality, near field signals.

  • “Split ring” electrode design
  • Two 3x3 mm platinum iridium electrodes
  • Spaced 180° from one another
  • Catheter can pace and sense
Agilis HisPro steerable catheter with integrated distal tip electrodes highlighted

Dual Deflection and Unique Curve

The controlled deflection of the Agilis HisPro catheter lets you consistently reach specific locations. Its unique curved design enables a pacing lead to be easily oriented to the septum, if desired. Additionally, significant support within the catheter facilitates stable lead fixation.

  • Designed to achieve at least a 180° deflection with two ~90° bends
  • PEBAX braided shaft with varying stiffness along the shaft
Agilis HisPro steerable catheter with unique curve highlighted.

One-Handed Control Knob for 180° Deflection

The ergonomic handle of the Agilis HisPro catheter enables one-handed control for single operator use. Its uni-directional knob facilitates mm-by-mm, precise movements to target the exact location for lead fixation.

  • Uni-directional, 180° rotation
  • Tactile markers indicate “home” and 180° position
Agilis HisPro steerable catheter with control knob highlighted.

Integrated Slittable Hub and Channel

The integrated slittable hub and channel of the Agilis HisPro catheter improves procedural efficiency with an integrated hemostasis valve. Its molded hub provides a smooth transition from the handle to the catheter shaft during slitting. Built-in rails guide the slitter down the catheter and between the electrodes for increased stability and a clean exit.

  • Integrated hemostasis valve in the hub
  • Built-in slitting guide rails in the shaft
Agilis HisPro steerable catheter with integrated slittable hub highlighted
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Manuals & Resources

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Customer Service

This device is commercially available for use in select international markets.

MAT-2100601 v1.0