Agilis HisPro

Steerable Catheter with Electrodes

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Agilis HisPro™ Steerable Catheter with Electrodes

Model NumberInner dimensionsOuter dimensionsIntroducer SizeWorking Length
DS3H010-387 Fr10.5 Fr10.5 Fr or larger38cm


The Agilis HisPro catheter is compatible with the following Abbott Medical recording and pacing systems:

System DeviceConnect Via
WorkMate Claris™ Recording SystemSupreme Electrophysiology Cable (401980, 401981, 401982 or 401983)
Merlin™ Pacing System Analyzer (PSA)Supreme Electrophysiology Cable (401980, 401981, 401982 or 401983); Adapter Pins


Refer to the Merlin PSA Help Manual for a complete list of cables required to connect the PSA to the Adapter Pins.

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Manuals & Resources

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Customer Service

This device is commercially available for use in select international markets.

MAT-2100600 v1.0