Agilis HisPro

Steerable Catheter with Electrodes


The Agilis HisPro™ steerable catheter with electrodes is a deflectable, slittable catheter with two distal tip electrodes for the delivery of cardiac leads to the His bundle. The distal portion can be formed into a “U” shape, when fully deflected, to facilitate positioning of the tip at the His bundle.

The tip electrodes provide the ability to sense intracardiac electrograms (EGM) and pace when connected to the WorkMate Claris™ Recording System or the Merlin™ Pacing System Analyzer (PSA).


Redefining the Lead Delivery Experience with Breakthrough Design

Pacing patients is an evolving practice, and tools should evolve to meet the changing needs of both your practice and your patients. More and more implanters are considering non-traditional options for ventricular activation with certain patients.1

We designed the Agilis HisPro catheter to facilitate pacing procedures, enabling you to target the His bundle with greater control, precision and reproducibility.

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Precise Control

The Agilis HisPro catheter is engineered to be a supportive and responsive catheter offering advanced versatility and greater maneuverability.

  • Dual tip deflection and responsive 1:1 torque enables mm-by-mm adjustments to accommodate most patient anatomies.2
  • Ergonomic handle with deflection knob facilitates precise, single-handed control when targeting the His bundle.3,4
  • Auto-locking dual deflection facilitates simpler catheter management, steerability and maintaining position during lead fixation.3,4


Accurate Targeting

The novel design of the Agilis HisPro catheter promotes greater precision when targeting the His bundle.

  • Narrowly spaced bipolar electrodes at the catheter tip delivers high-quality, near field signal.3,4
  • Unique curve and deflection of the catheter, along with responsive 1:1 torquing, helps make His bundle lead placement possible while minimizing contact with the surrounding cardiac structures.2,3,4
  • Hub-to-tip radiopaque catheter ensures continuous visualization throughout the procedure for more exact targeting.3,4

Predictable Performance

The Agilis HisPro steerable catheter with electrodes features an innovative lead delivery system. This system is designed to provide greater confidence in lead positioning, as well as to reduce procedure challenges when targeting the His bundle.

  • Kink-resistant braided shaft provides an ideal balance of support and flexibility for more precise maneuverability and reliable lead delivery.3,4
  • Support within the curve of the catheter enables lead fixation.3,4
  • Slittable sheath and integrated hemostasis valve improves procedural efficiency and maintain a secure lead placement during catheter removal.3,4
Manuals & Resources

Manuals & Resources

Customer Service

Customer Service

This device is commercially available for use in select international markets.


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