Coroventis Coroflow Cardiovascular System

The Coroventis Coroflow Cardiovascular System is an advanced platform that provides wireless communication with PressureWire™ X Guidewire for epicardial, microvascular and ventricular function assessments for complete cardiac characterisation



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CoroFlow Cardiovascular System can be installed on hospital-owned PCs or delivered on pre-configured platforms, including integrated workstations and mobile cart with touchscreen.

  • Optimal workflow & PW utilisation
  • Installation with no lab downtime
Wireless Lab Integration

  • Multi-room, touch-screen, rechargeable system
multi-room, touch-screeen, rechargeable system

Seamless & Secure Data Management
  • DICOM Worklist/PACS Storage for physiological data
  • Supports secure remote data access and multi-centre study projects using cloud/network data storage
  • Automated Study Data Management using powerful tools to filter and automatically extract key parameters with ONE CLICK