OPTIS™ Integrated System


The OPTIS™ Integrated System optimises PCI1

  • This always-on, always-ready system is installed in the cath lab, eliminating setup time, and providing tableside control of OCT and FFR acquisition
  • In addition to workflow efficiencies offered by direct proximity, the on-demand availability helps enhance PCI procedures
OPTIS™ Integrated System

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The OPTIS™ Integrated System provides stunning intra-lesional detail with real-time OCT 3D visualisation, FFR combine with OCT informs PCI planning and decision making

  • Lesion location and functional significance
  • Plaque morphology characterisation2,3
  • Lesion preparation
  • Stent sizing and placement decisions4
  • Optimal approaches to bifurcation stenting4
  • Placement and apposition evaluations5
  • Post-dilatation decisions
  • Functional gain post-PCI


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Date of preparation: May 2021. SFM_ABO1755.

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