Hi-Torque Command™ 18

Workhorse Peripheral Guide Wires

Hybrid workhorse guide wires combine the key advantages of nitinol wires and stainless steel wires.

Don't Compromise. Take Command.

Hi-Torque Command™ 18 ST

Crossing wire, with 10 cm nitinol at distal end, provides high support and a flexible tip (4g) for crossing lesions or prolapsing in a tight loop.

Hi-Torque Command™ 18 LT

Navigation wire, with 25 cm nitinol at distal end, provides flexible support and a soft tip (4g) to effectively track through tortuous peripheral vessels.

Durable and Shapeable Tip

  • Shapeable flattened nitinol tip maintains its shape after prolapse and re-shaping
  • Durable tip shape helps minimize multiple guide wire usage

Outstanding Torque Control

  • Parabolic core for excellent torque control
  • Transitionless weld for torque transmission

Core Material and Coating

  • High tensile strength stainless steel for excellent torque, push and support
  • Polymer cover with hydrophilic coating for smooth navigation

Support Profile and Tip Loads For Hi-Torque Command™ 18 Workhorse Peripheral Guide Wires

Ordering Information

Hi-Torque Command™ 18 Guide Wire is packaged with a torque device and guide wire introducer that can be used for tip shaping.

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