Hi-Torque Connect™ 250T

 Specialty Peripheral Guide Wires

This specialty guide wire accesses and penetrates resistant or highly stenotic lesions.

The Power to Connect

Hi-Torque Connect™ 250T Guide Wire

Designed for challenging occlusions. This specialty guide wire has a supportive body and stiff, tapered tip.1

0.013" tapered tip and 38.1 g tip load* provide increased penetration power for resistant or highly stenotic calcifications.1

The Hi-Torque Connect™ Guide Wire Family consists of 3 wires, including Hi-Torque Connect™, Hi-Torque Connect™ Flex, and Hi-Torque Connect™ 250T Guide Wires.       
For more information on Hi-Torque Connect™ and Hi-Torque Connect™ Flex Guide Wires, click here.


Supportive body and tapered tip for crossing heavily calcified lesions1

Tip Load

Greater tip load, and penetration powers, to maximize crossing in heavily calcified lesions1


The core-to-tip design enables outstanding torque performance and control1

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*Tests performed by and data on file at Abbott.


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MAT-2117133 V1.0