We make two types of charitable contributions that help ensure good heart health for individuals and the community:

  • Product donations for underserved patients
  • Monetary donations that support fundraisers, patient education and awareness activities

Abbott Product Donations for Underserved Patients

Healthcare organizations can apply for patient product donations when treatment plans include Abbott products and the patient cannot afford treatment. Our grant committee will determine what product(s) to donate based on the country where the device will be implanted.

Patient Product Application Details

The timeline for submitting an application depends on whether the device will be implanted within or outside the United States:

  • For products that will be implanted within the United States, an application must be submitted at least 5 days and no more than 30 days in advance of the procedure.
  • For products that will be implanted outside of the United States, a minimum of 60 calendar days is required to allow sufficient time for appropriate approvals and logistics.

You’ll be asked to provide a letter of request on the institutions letterhead containing the following information:

  • Donation purpose and details about the patient’s financial need
  • Explanation of application and consideration of donation, stating that neither the physician nor his/her agent or affiliate will resell the product(s)
  • Agreement that any unused product shall be returned to Abbott
  • Statement that the physician and facility are donating their services

Download a sample letter of request.


Fundraisers and Education and Awareness Activities

We consider charitable requests from organizations that do work related to cardiac arrhythmia, electrophysiology, heart failure, coronary, structural heart or vascular disease states and therapies:

  • Fundraisers: We focus on events that raise funds for low-income and other underserved communities impacted by cardiac and vascular conditions
  • Education and Awareness Activities: We focus on campaigns, programs and events that educate patients and the public on cardiac and vascular conditions


Fundraising and Education Application Details

Completed applications must be received at least 45 days before the event, activity or program.

  • You’ll be asked to provide a letter of request on your organization’s letterhead that contains:
    • Description of activity
    • Amount requested
    • How the funds will be used
  • Also include:
    • Official invitation, program or agenda
    • Estimated total budget for the program, activity or event
    • W-9 form

Additional documents are required for some grant types.

Frequently Asked Questions About Charitable Donations

Are there exceptions for meeting the deadline for submitting a patient support product donation application?

We may make an exception for products being implanted in the United States only.

In the rare event of a medical emergency or similar compelling reason requiring immediate use of an Abbott product that may be eligible for donation, you may submit an application up to five days AFTER the implant of the product.

However, the applicant must demonstrate why the application could not be submitted before the implant procedure. The application will go to the Grant Committee for review using the same process and criteria as with any other request.

The fact that the product has already been implanted will have no bearing on the Grant Committee’s decision, and the applicant bears the risk that the application may be denied.

If your application is submitted with less than the required timeline, you must also contact the Grant Administrator by phone:

  • Cardiac Arrhythmia, Electrophysiology and Heart Failure +1-651-756-2095
  • Coronary, Structural Heart and Vascular +1-800-354-1817

Who reviews grant applications, and what do they consider during review?

The Abbott Grant Committee reviews and makes decisions for all grant applications. During its review of applications, it considers:

  • Whether the application satisfies the grants program criteria
  • The quality of the event, activity or program
  • The available budget for medical grants

How long will it take for a decision on my grant application?

Most monetary charitable applications are approved or denied within six weeks after we receive a complete application, including all required documentation. The dates of the grant committee meetings vary, so we cannot tell you the cutoff date for each month.

Patient assistance product donation applications will typically be approved or denied one to three weeks after receipt of an application that includes all required documentation. The applicant will be notified upon the final committee decision.

Can my Abbott sales representative make sure my grant application is approved?

No. Consistent with the AdvaMed Code of Ethics and Abbott policy, Abbott does not permit sales or marketing personnel to participate on the company Grant Committee.

If our grant was approved last year, can we assume it will be approved this year?

No. Always submit your grant request allowing plenty of time to seek alternative funding in case the Grant Committee decides to eliminate or reduce the support you received in the past.

If the grant committee approves less than I requested, or my application is denied, may I resubmit a grant application for the unapproved amount to the grant committee, or someone else at Abbott?

No. The grant committee does not approve multiple grant requests for the same event, activity or program. There are other possible sources of funding within Abbott that could be appropriate for events that did not qualify for grants. Please contact the Grant Coordinator if you are unsure of the appropriate funding route.

  • Cardiac Arrhythmia, Electrophysiology and Heart Failure +1-651-756-2095
  • Coronary, Structural Heart and Vascular +1-800-354-1817 or abbottgrants.abbott.com

Code Of Ethics Supporter

Abbott is certified to follow the AdvaMed Code of Ethics.


Physician Payments Sunshine Act

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act is a federal law that requires healthcare manufacturers to track and report payments and transfers of value (POTV) to certain healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs). Congress passed the Sunshine Act in 2010 in the interest of providing greater transparency into interactions between the healthcare industry and healthcare providers. Abbott supports the goals of the Sunshine Act because we recognize that transparency inspires public trust and confidence. Learn more about the sunshine act.

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