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How Does OCT Make a Difference? New Insights From LightLab Data

We share and discuss results from LightLab Clinical Initiative, examining the impact of OCT Imaging on PCI workflow. This webcast will examine how a standardized OCT workflow, MLD MAX, impacted physician decision-making during PCI.

Common OCT Misconceptions Debunked by Experts

Watch physician experts Drs. Ziad Ali, Rich Shlofmitz, Ulf Landmesser and Jonathan Hill discuss application of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) intravascular imaging in daily practice for percutaneous coronary interventions, and address such questions as contrast use, cost, procedural time and recommendation on using OCT in the cath lab.

This course was recorded at TCT 2017 and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or views of the Cardiovascular Research Foundation.

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